Meet Monaco’s new Controller General of Public Security

Richard Marangoni has been appointed as Monaco’s new Controller General of Public Security, being promoted after five years as Public Security Director where he oversaw massive reforms in the department.

As the first Director of Public Security of Monegasque nationality, Richard Marangoni took on a hugely ambitious restructuring programme in Public Security, including the overhaul plan known as Public Security 2020, the results of which are currently enacted.

“The Public Security 2020 plan, which I initiated as soon as I took office in 2016, comes to an end,” said Marangoni at a press conference on 16th February. “This plan is based on a global reflection and a forward-looking vision which, by taking into account the new security challenges, was intended to be a source of structural and foundational reforms. It will have resulted in a strategic and innovative reorganisation that focused both on the evolution of the organisation chart and on that of technical resources. It will allow the Public Security to face the issues and challenges of today and tomorrow.”

Marangoni has been with Public Security since 1984 when he joined as a rank and file officer. Soon after he took the test to become Inspector and passed, raising his rank and profile in the department. As part of the public highway group, then an anti-narcotics unit, he was responsible for the protection of known public personages.

In 1995, he became Principal Inspector and a short four years later he was promoted to Chief Inspector. In 2001, he was tapped for Deputy Head of Administration and Training Division.

In September 2006, he was chosen to join the National School of Police at Saint-Cyr-au-Mont-d´Or, near Lyon. The first Monegasque police officer to follow the two full years of training like his French counterparts, he was when he left officially appointed Police Commissioner.

Upon returning, he went back to Administration and Training Division. Three years later, in 2011, he became the boss of all uniformed police officers in the Urban Police Division. One year later he was named Principal Commissioner.

In October 2012, while assuming his duties as Head of the Urban Police Division, he served for six months as Acting Director of Public Security. Afterwards, he was appointed as Deputy Director, then Divisional Commissioner and finally in 2016 as Director of Public Security.

Public Security has 580 staff members and officers over eight divisions and four departments.

Photo by Stephane Danna/Government Communication Department