Mercy Ships and sustainability: Romas Marine’s Roland Brautigam sets a course for a better future

In an exclusive interview, Monaco Life discovers how Roland Brautigam, the CEO of Romas Marine, is making waves in the maritime industry by focusing on green energy advancements and by supporting critical healthcare projects at sea through an NGO called Mercy Ships.

Roland Brautigam has been a Monaco resident for 14 years, but has been involved in the maritime industry since 1992. His company, Romas Marine, which started its journey in Monaco in 2010, is at its heart a ship trading and brokerage business, but it’s also deeply committed to sustainability and community support through philanthropic endeavours.

“We’re a small company and whilst for many years our focus was on oil and gas, we’re doing our part by focusing also on renewable energy. The future is green,” he says.

One of the company’s notable projects in the sustainability sphere is encouraging the use of recycled marine plastic in the production of clothes for the marine industry.

“It’s about cleaning the oceans and reducing the use of oil in the production of textiles,” he tells Monaco Life.

Romas Marine is a family owned business that is run by Roland Brautigam (right) and his son, Jimmy Brautigam. Photo supplied

Romas Marine also prioritises health and wellness, aligning its efforts with Sustainable Development Goals, and while environmental sustainability is clearly important to the family-run company, initiatives that benefit individual and community well-being have captured Brautigam’s imagination.

A key example of Romas Marine’s dedication to this cause is the company’s alliance with Mercy Ships, an organisation that operates the largest non-governmental hospital ships in the world and provides free surgery treatments in Africa.

“Upon the onset of COVID-19, we sought guidance from Mercy Ships as we were in discussions with the Dutch government to supply them with a COVID-19 hospital ship. This initiative marked the beginning of our collaboration,” Brautigam explains.

“Mercy Ships runs the two biggest private hospital ships in the world. As a non-profit organisation, they provide over 6,000 life-changing surgeries each year, helping thousands of people,” he adds.

Many of the operations performed aboard these ships are lifesaving or life-changing. In addition, training is often provided onboard to local doctors, many of whom come from a rural background.

Through this blend of environmental efforts and healthcare support, Romas Marine is striving to forge a healthier, more equitable future.

Supporting Mercy Ships

On 15th June at the Fairmont Hotel in Monaco, Romas Marine will hold the Mercy Ships Gala event that aims to raise awareness and funds for the Mercy Ships project.

“Together with Alldutch Yachting and Delta Carriers, we are a small part of this, but we want to make a big impact by raising money and awareness for Mercy Ships here in Monaco,” says Brautigam. “We want to make this gala a success, to not only raise funds but also to bring more attention to the amazing work Mercy Ships does.”

The gala will feature live and silent auctions, entertainment, a three-course dinner, a fashion show and an after party. For more information, contact

Looking ahead, Romas Marine and Brautigam have more ambitious plans. They’ve recently opened an office in Dubai with the goal of expanding their network further and will continue to support Mercy Ships. Brautigam has also joined the committee of Yachts for Mercy, a new initiative seeking to build awareness and raise the profile of Mercy Ships among the wider yachting industry.


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Main photo credit: Mercy Ships