Michel Bassompierre hosts live sculpting session at Musée Océanographique

Michel Bassompierre

Renowned French sculptor Michel Bassompierre, whose ‘Giants of the Ice’ are currently on display at the Musée Océanographique de Monaco, recently shared his techniques and creative processes at a live sculpting session at the museum.  

The special ‘Sculpter Le Vivant’ event, which was held on 14th June, saw Bassompierre craft a sculpture of a polar bear from clay on stage. While he moulded and shaped the animal, three experts from the worlds of science and exploration offered the audience their personal insights into the climate challenges facing the species and the polar regions.  

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The panel included glaciologist Heïdi Sevestre, polar bear specialist Rémy Marion and polar environment explorer Nicolas Dubreuil.  

The goal of the event was to draw attention to the environmental threats facing polar biodiversity, a consistent message Bassompierre carries through all his artworks. 

Bassompierre recently unveiled a collection of monumental sculptures at the Musée Océanographique de Monaco. ‘Les Géants des Glaces’ or ‘Giants of the Ice’ will be display until 6th October.  


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Photo credit: Musée Océanographique de Monaco