Minimum wage in France to increase from start of 2024 

France’s minimum wage will be raised from the beginning of January, meaning that the country’s lowest paid full-time employees will get an additional €20 per month.  

The rise of 1.13% will be the second increase to France’s salaire minimum de croissance or SMIC in less than a year, following a 2.22% hike back in May.  

Typically, the SMIC is reviewed and adjusted based on inflation annually, with any changes coming into effect on 1st January.  

In real terms, the new monthly wage for SMIC earners will reach €1,766.92 gross per month, up from €1,747.20. With taxes taken out, spendable income is €1,398.69, up from €1,383.09. Broken down further into hourly wages, the gross comes in a €11.65, with a net of €9.22.  

The figures are based on a 35-hour work week.  

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Photo source: Kate Townsend, Unsplash