Minister meets with medical and pharmacy students

Minister of Social Affairs and Health Didier Gamerdinger has met with Monaco’s medical and pharmacy students to impress on them the future needs of the Principality.

The government minister was able to meet with 11 medical students and two pharmaceutical students, ranging from their first through their eighth years of study.

The gathering was also attended by representatives of the Order of Physicians, of the Order of Pharmacists, of the Department of Princess Grace Hospital (CHPG), the Department of Health Action and the Commission for the Integration of Graduates, and a free flow discussion ensued regarding the future of their professions.

Mr Gamerdinger wisely pointed out that “students are the future of our healthcare system. With this meeting, I wanted to let them know about the professional future prospects that will be offered to them in the Principality in the coming years. We will continue to support them positively.”

In light of the current health crisis, the need for skilled medical professionals has never been greater. The students will be coming away from their studies having learned not only their trade but will also be equipped with the latest and most recent medical training to handle pandemic or emergency situations. Their contributions, therefore, will be immensely important to the future of healthcare in the Principality.