Minor speeding infractions in France will no longer lose drivers points in 2024

A new “common sense” law that will bring an end to point-taking for speeders caught doing less than 5kmph above the speed limit is set to come into force in the new year. 

As of 1st January 2024, a law regarding minor speeding infractions on French roads will come into effect. It means that drivers caught doing speeds of less than 5kmph over the legal limit will no lose face losing a point from their licence.  

The new law was first announced back in April, but was published on 8th December in the Official Journal. The legislative text states that although these minor infractions will no longer incur point loss, the driver may still be liable to pay a fine in the region of €68 to €135.   

The loss of a point remains applicable to drivers recorded doing 5kmph to 20kmph over the speed limit. Punishments above this increase dramatically. 

According to figures from 2020, 58% of drivers caught speeding in France did not exceed the 5kmph over the speed limit barrier.  

France’s Ligue Contre La Violence Routière has come out against the new “common sense”, which advocates say allows for momentary lapses and discrepancies, calling it “nonsense” and pointing to the 3,250 deaths that occurred on French roads in 2022 as reason to clamp down on speeders, not relive punishments.  


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Photo source: Mauro Sbicego, Unsplash