Moët Hennessy goes ‘green’

As if there weren’t already a million reasons to drink champagne, Moët Hennessy has just announced they will be shifting to organic and sustainable practices, going so far as creating a ‘University of Living Soils’.
During an opening speech at its forum on Living Soils, the champagne and spirit maker’s Chief Executive President Philippe Schaus announced that the company is set to switch to herbicide-free vineyards starting this year. Additionally, they will provide support to their winegrowing partners to assist them in attaining the same goals.
“Through Living Soils, Moët Hennessy aims to unite its communities across the world and develop a global social responsibility program,” said Mr Schaus.

Philippe Schaus, Chief Executive President of Moët Hennessy

In addition to going pesticide-free, the company is investing €20 million in a Champagne Region research centre devoted to scientific study and sustainable viticulture and is creating a ‘University of Living Soils’ in order to share knowledge and best practices with other wine makers.
Moët Hennessy’s vision is to be leaders for future generations so that employees, customers and wine makers can continue to enjoy and discover their products in a way that respects the environment.