MoNa Residence: proving that opulence and sustainability can go hand in hand

Welcome to the world of MoNa, a remarkable eco-friendly marvel nestled in the heart of Monaco. With an innovative blend of luxury and sustainability, this residence building offers a unique living experience that is both opulent and environmentally conscious.

MoNa Residence, delivered by the Groupe Michel Pastor in September 2021, is defined by its unique wallflower design that was inspired by the name of the street in which it stands – Rue des Giroflées. Located in the east of Monaco, it sits above the Principality city and towers 22 floors high.

Inside, the building is decorated with the finest materials: Calacatta Caldia white marble, light oak, glass and brushed brass. It is a harmonious symphony of elegance from the bespoke lobby to the penthouses, all imagined by internationally renowned designer Oraïto, whose aim was to “create a true sensory experience”.

The curved building is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is useful for conserving energy

Each of the 66 apartments offer jaw-dropping views of the Mediterranean Sea and a perception of being suspended between light and air, thanks to Architects Jean-Michel Wilmotte and Rainier Boisson.

But it is deep in the foundations of this 86-metre-high tower where the true magic lies.

Below the state-of-art sauna and heated indoor pool hides an innovative network that feeds geothermal energy to the towering structure above. Combined with the building’s solar panels and rainwater harvesting system, MoNa is almost completely energy self-sufficient.

Sustainable luxury: exceptional residences redefining eco-living

MoNa Residence manages to achieve environmental sustainability without compromising on the quality of life. The building was constructed with eco-friendly materials, including recycled steel and concrete with low CO2 emissions.

Meanwhile, the interiors are decorated with eco-friendly materials, such as natural wood and stone, which not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also reduce the use of harmful chemicals. The developers made a point to source as many building materials locally as possible, and from sustainable sources.

The MoNa Residence has also implemented smart technology to optimise energy efficiency, such as motion sensors to control lighting and temperature.

The result is a luxurious living space that is not only beautiful but also eco-friendly.

Mobile shutters allows residents to control the amount of sunshine that enters the apartment without compromising on light

Cutting-edge technology for energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is at the core of operations at MoNa Residence. The luxury complex is fitted with cutting-edge technology that helps to reduce energy consumption while maintaining a comfortable living experience for residents.

The building’s façade has been designed to maximise natural light, which minimises the need for artificial lighting during the day. The large, circular balconies serve as a “baseball cap” of sorts, shielding the interior from the direct sunshine that is generated 300 days of the year here in the Principality of Monaco, while movable shutters make it also possible to control the sunlight.

Smart sensors are used throughout the building to regulate temperature and lighting automatically, sensitive to occupancy and external conditions.

The air conditioning system is equipped with heat recovery units that extract heat from exhaust air and use it to preheat incoming fresh air. The building is able to maintain a constant temperature of 26°C in the summer months, and 20°C in the winter months, with a real feel of around 23°C.

Residents also have access to a mobile app that allows them to monitor their energy consumption in real-time, encouraging them to make more conscious decisions about their energy usage.

All these innovative measures help MoNa Residence to achieve an impressive energy efficiency rating, and make it a model for sustainable living in Monaco.

The solar panels, geothermal energy loop and rainwater harvesting system make MoNa almost completely energy self-sufficient

BREEAM Certification: a first in continental Europe

The MoNa Residence has been recognised for its energy efficiency and climate goals, receiving several awards for its sustainable design and practices. Among the highest, it achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the first residential project in continental Europe to receive BREEAM certification at the ‘Excellent’ level. BREEAM, which stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, is a globally recognised sustainability assessment system for buildings. But it is certainly not a template.

“The regulation tells you how the performance of your building must be, but it doesn’t tell you how to achieve that,” says Serge Ginesy, Head of Sustainable Development Division at Groupe Michel Pastor. “So, there is a lot of work to do in designing the technical assets to choose the best way to reach the performance you want to reach.”

The key to achieving a successful sustainable building, says Ginesy, is team work, and a constant dialogue between all the players.

“All of the developers need to work together to achieve the same goals – to create something that is aesthetically pleasing, reaches sustainability goals, and meets the high standards that Monaco residents expect.”

The geothermal loop draws energy from the earth to power the building

Using the earth for energy

The building’s innovative measures include the use of geothermal energy for heating and cooling. For this, wells are dug in the first stages of the project to access hot steam and water contained in the underground. Upon rising to the surface, this heat is used to drive turbines that generate electricity.

The complicated task thereafter is knowing how to manage the building, to maximise the technology and to reduce energy usage as much as possible.

It is not possible to source geothermal energy for every building in Monaco, but there are some others utilising this technology, such as the Tour Odéon, La Petite Afrique and Villa Engelin.

For most sites in the Principality, the ocean is used to harvest thermal energy. The Principality now has more than 80 such water pumps operating throughout this coastal nation. With a complete ban on oil fuels for heating currently in force in Monaco, clean and green energy sources are an important energy solution in the Principality.

But MoNa undoubtedly serves as inspiration for pushing the envelope. Together with the solar panels and rainwater recovery system, MoNa has managed to significantly reduced its carbon footprint and become almost completely energy-efficient. It is an exciting lesson in innovation and proves that opulence and sustainability really can go hand in hand.

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Photos courtesy of Michel Pastor Groupe