Monaco Age Oncologie using cutting-edge technology for treatment of the elderly

The 2023 Monaco Age Oncologie conference brought together specialists working in the fields of geriatric oncology and peripheral elderly care to set out the latest in treatments, technology and support for the aged, who account for two in three new cancer cases each year.

Held at the Fairmont Hotel on 22nd and 23rd March, the Monaco Age Oncologie (MAO) congress saw over 550 multidisciplinary specialists, oncologists, geriatricians, nursing staff, nutritionists, psychologists, and heads of associations who work with seniors with cancer.

Nearly two-thirds of the 380,000 new cancer cases in France occur in the over-75’s each year, and the numbers are expected to rise as the enormous baby boomer population continues to age. The MAO addresses the issues involved in dealing with cancer in older people as well as looking at new inventive ways to treat and care for them.

Some innovative new methods were presented, including one by two nurses who conducted a patient care programme using immersive 3D glasses. The 3D environment relaxed nervous patients, particularly during chemotherapy treatments.

“The two authors of this program discovered the potential of these 3D glasses here a few years ago,” said Mauro Lena, President at Lena Group and organiser of the event. “They adapted it to their circumstances and applied it. Today this method of care is not only operational in their hospital, but arouses the interest of many other establishments for multiple applications.”

Accelerated Workshop in Oncology (WAO)

MAO was preceded by the first edition of the Accelerated Workshop in Oncology (WAO) devoted to general oncology. It featured a series of workshops and meetings led by specialists in gynaecology, thoracic oncology, digestive oncology, urology and supportive care.

Leno summed up the heart of the event, saying, “It makes it possible to establish a concrete inventory and to draw up clear perspectives through presentations made by very active specialists. It reviews, in an exhaustive manner, treatment methods, feedback, and analysis of the results of preclinical and clinical studies, describes regulatory developments and makes it possible to plan effectively for the future. It’s a hub.”

The Monaco Age Oncologie was held with the support of the Lena Group, the Monaco Scientific Centre and the Princess Grace Hospital Centre, in collaboration with the Francophone Society of Oncogeriatrics.

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Photo credit: Christian Langballe on Unsplash