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Monaco and Israel join forces to support innovation 

Monaco and Israel join forces to support innovation 

By Cassandra Tanti - March 12, 2021

MonacoTech and Israeli firm Capsula TAU are collaborating to support start-ups and accelerate their development, creating business opportunities between the two countries. 

Capsula TAU, an accelerator company that connects start-ups and key players in academia and business, has a focus on cleantech including green energy and emission-cutting mobility and has helped many companies make their mark, including Vayavision Sensing, Moodify and Upstream Security.

Principality-based business incubator MonacoTech and Israeli accelerator Capsula TAU, based at the Tel Aviv University, have now agreed to work together for the support of innovative start ups.

“Our collaboration is clearly business oriented to support our respective start-ups in their development,” MonacoTech Director Lionel Galfré told Monaco Life. “We are convinced at MonacoTech that innovations that matter have to be shared to be useful, and they can only be shared if they are economically viable. This collaboration with Capsula pursues that goal.”

Prince Albert, whose government funds the MonacoTech business incubator, had an online Zoom meeting last October with Tel Aviv University’s Professor Collin Price, Capsula TAU’s curator, to discuss environmental matters as well as sustainable development ideas.

“In order for us to envision a brighter future for the next generation, we have to work on climate issues together,” Prince Albert said during the meeting.

The Prince and the university have a long-standing relationship due to both entities being champions of ecological issues, with the Prince even being awarded an honorary doctorate from Tel Aviv University in 2018 for his contributions.

“Since Capsula TAU is a dominant player in the smart mobility start-up ecosystem in Israel, it will become a bridge to the Monaco ecosystem – and together we are aiming for a fruitful collaboration,” said Julia Shteingart, Managing Director of Capsula. “We are sure that the ability to share knowledge and host MonacoTech’s start-ups in Capsula and vice versa will expose both the Israeli and the Monegasque start-ups to valuable opportunities in terms of market reach and fundraising.”


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