Monaco and Nicaragua open diplomatic relations

Monaco’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Isabelle Picco and Nicaraguan Permanent UN Representative Jaime Hermida have signed joint agreements declaring a new bond between the two states.

Jaime Hermida Castillo, Permanent Rep of Nicaragua for the UN and Isabelle Picco, Permanent Rep of Monaco for the UN ©DR

Though they may seem unlikely friends at first glance, the two nations are both highly committed to environmental issues. To this effect, both are active in the fight against climate change and have money where their mouths are to achieve this end. Like Monaco, Nicaragua is taking huge steps to protect the planet by switching to renewable energy sources where possible. In fact, more than half of Nicaragua’s electricity supply is furnished by use of solar or wind power through a set of collaborations between the government and private energy companies.  

The Central American country is one of the largest in its region and has been a member of the UN since its inception in 1945. Monaco joined more recently, in 1993, and has become an active participant ever since.

Last week, Monaco and Nicaragua signed a joint communiqué in an effort to open the doors to a future relationship.