Monaco auto show to feature new technology cars

The exciting future of automobiles and new transport technologies will be showcased during the Automobile and Mobility Innovation Show 2020 at Port Hercule next month.
The 4th annual Monaco Auto Show, being held from 5th to 8th March, is a car lover’s dream. The show emphasises automobiles and alternative mobility vehicles of tomorrow, featuring incredible new technologies that visitors are encouraged to see, touch and admire.
Displays includes urban electric vehicles, concept cars, prototypes, sports cars and ‘hypercars’ loaded with the latest technological advances in the industry.
Innovative charging systems, connectivity directly from personal devices to the cars, and new applications are some of the new elements being added to these state-of-the-art cars and mobility vehicles.
The show will also include the launch of the new Porsche Taycan, which is said to go from zero to 100 in 2.8 seconds using an advanced launch control system. It also has an incredible 388 to 412 kilometre range. The car is equipped with what they call a Performance Battery Plus, the latest in lithium-ion technology and is based on a system similar to their endurance race car, the 919 Hybrid. Higher voltage offers more power and shorter charging times.