Monaco Boost invites next round of entrepreneurs to join its thriving community

Monaco Boost has put out its latest call for native entrepreneurs who are looking to benefit from the business incubator’s resources, exclusive offices and work spaces.

Monaco has long been associated with luxury, but it’s also fast becoming a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. The Monaco Boost business incubator is one of the government-backed institutions that is at the forefront of this movement, providing valuable resources and support to emerging businesses.

A golden opportunity for Monaco nationals and spouses

If you’re a Monaco national with less than five years of professional experience or the spouse of a national starting a new business, this is your golden ticket. Monaco Boost is inviting you to apply for exclusive office space and shared workspaces.

Application details

Interested candidates must submit their applications by Friday 10th November at 12:00pm. A committee, led by the Minister of Finance and the Economy, and consisting of representatives from the National Council, the Administration, and S.A.M. Monaco Boost, will review the applications.

Successful applicants will not only gain access to tailor-made workspace solutions but also become part of the Monaco Boost community. Currently, this dynamic community encompasses 41 distinct activities, showcasing the diverse entrepreneurial spirit of Monaco.

Professional support for success

New occupants will also receive professional support starting in December 2023. Monaco Boost is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs during the critical stages of launching and developing their businesses. The incubator already has established partnerships with the Junior Chamber of Commerce and the Monaco Economic Board, ensuring entrepreneurs have access to valuable networking opportunities and resources.

For further information, click here: Répondre à l’appel à candidatures du Monaco Boost (

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Photo: Monaco Life