Monaco closes border for NYE

Only visitors with a hotel reservation will be able to enjoy Monaco’s New Year’s Eve celebrations this year as the government enforces a one-off travel ban for non-residents.
Restaurants in the Principality will be open on New Year’s Eve for end of year get togethers, much to everyone’s delight. Guests will even be given an extra hour for both lunch and dinner, with closing times extended to 4pm and 10.30pm respectively.
Meanwhile, the Grimaldi Forum will be hosting Jean-Christophe Maillot’s LAC, performed by Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, although the show has been brought forward to 4pm.
It will be an opportunity for people to bid farewell to a tumultuous 2020, and look ahead to a bright 2021.
However, faced with a likely influx of visitors from neighbouring countries like France and Italy, where there is no such reprieve, the government is getting tough. Only visitors who have booked a room at a hotel will be allowed to enter the Principality.
“We must, more than ever, remain vigilant in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Prince Albert II in his recent address to the Principality. “Our priority objective remains the health protection of the population (…) We must also allow our economy to function, under certain constraints, in order to preserve our social model.”
The 8pm curfew still remains in Monaco on 31st December for residents and visitors with a hotel reservation.
Photo by Elizaveta Martin for Monaco Life, all rights reserved. Instagram: @elizaveta.martin