Monaco drops masks rule on all public transport

Mandatory masks on public transport such as busses and taxis has been scrapped by the government, one of the last Covid-related measures in the Principality.

The government made the announcement on Friday 2nd June, to come into effect from Saturday 3rd June.

The move follows several weeks of low virus circulation levels in the Principality. At last count on 30th May, the incidence rate was 148, the lowest level since reaching a peak of 1,050 on 27th March. The government has also reduced its Covid communication, from daily reporting of new infections and hospitalisations, to weekly communication.

The only remaining place where masks are mandatory is in health establishments and aged care homes.

“However, the Prince’s Government would like to point out that the use of masks is strongly recommended in closed places for people at risk or during large gatherings, and that the health system may be adapted according to the evolution of the health situation,” said the government in a statement.


Photo by Van Hool