Monaco Economic Board praises quality of life in Monaco

Monaco Yach Show aerial view from Monacair helicopter

Monaco Economic Board says life in Monaco is so good that the Principality has become a victim of its own success. Monaco is “experiencing a steady rise in its various activities and in the number of people arriving to live or work in the country”.

The challenge, says MEB, is to maintain this delicate balance between attracting people and ensuring quality of life. “It’s a balance that the Prince’s Government is constantly striving to achieve.”

Here are some of the areas cited by MEB. You can read these articles in full on the MEB website.

Monaco Yach Show aerial view from Monacair helicopter

Tackling traffic

“One clear sign of the Principality’s attractiveness is the increased traffic in the country. To improve and manage – or even reduce – traffic levels in order to provide a better quality of life, the Government has introduced lots of initiatives and projects in recent years.”

Pioneering efforts to reduce air pollution

“How can we talk about quality of life without an effective policy to combat air pollution? This is a question to which the Prince’s Government is paying a great deal of attention, conscious as it is of the urgent need to act with air pollution responsible for the deaths of some 500,000 Europeans every year.”

Healthcare: maintaining a reputation for excellence

“The healthcare system and facilities in the Principality make a huge contribution to the quality of life in the country. To maintain this standard and live up to its inherent and growing appeal, Monaco has embarked on two major projects designed to adapt public healthcare to meet the challenges of the 21st century.”

How the digital transition can contribute

“The Principality’s digital transformation, supported by the Country Chief Digital Officer and his team, will improve current living standards: this is something we have already seen with the advent of e-health, which will further increase the quality and security of healthcare in Monaco. And that’s not the only area where we will see progress.”

Security: a valuable asset that is constantly being improved

“Monaco’s quality of life would be less appealing were it not for the first-class security that its residents enjoy, and the figures illustrate that things are only getting better in this respect. The Prince’s Government is not content to rest on its laurels, however, and continues its tireless efforts to maintain security and adapt to new threats.”