Monaco ends remote working requirement

Remote working officially came to an end at the start of June for employees in the Principality, with the notable exception of those who live or reside in Italy.

Lockdowns and Covid-19 brought about a massive rise in the number of people who carried out their jobs from their homes in 2020 and 2021. This increase stemmed primarily from concerns about having people in close contact, as well as the need to stay in compliance with travel restrictions that were in place, especially during the darkest days of the pandemic. 

Now, with case numbers shrinking and nearly all other Covid-related rules eased, remote working, one of the final regulations, has come to an end. The final date of 31st May has come and gone and it is anticipated that the rule will be formally abolished imminently for employees and civil servants who reside in Monaco and France.

Telecommuting will not end entirely for all, though. As set out in a law that was passed on July 2016, employers can choose to allow some workers to carry out their duties from a remote location up to two-thirds of the time. But in the strictest sense, telecommuting is no longer a requirement, and it remains to be seen how many remote workers will still do so.

Whilst Monegasques and the French are no longer remote-working in the Principality, for the time being, those living in Italy still are. This is due to a teleworking agreement that was signed in May 2021 but has not yet been ratified by the Italian parliament. Once this has been done, then Italian workers will be able to return to their places of work as before.