Monaco exhibition showcases human diversity

Art-Box.Store and Espace 22 have teamed up for a new exhibition called Every Kind of People, highlighting the differences in people that help make the world a more interesting place.

It is often said that art has the power to inspire, unite and build bridges. In that context, Every Kind of People, the latest exhibition at Espace 22 in conjunction with Art-Box.Store is aiming to do all these things, as well as to raise money for a good cause.

The event is showcasing a dozen international artists who each use their own creative approach to the word “people”. Artists include Magdelena Gronowska, Manou Marzban, Christine Franceschini, Michal Zaborowski, Golec&Golec, Ksenia Usacheva, Arnieszka Sztejerwald, Anna Petrika, Anna Pabis-Guillaume, Renata Laytou-Branka, Rafal Frankiewicz, Nika Stanislavova, Mariusz Szydel and $abo Yulia, who is a special participant and will be painting live on site.

“These difficult times are calling upon us all to fight for human equality, for empathy, for tolerance and for intercultural communication,” say the organisers in a statement. “Today, diversity can be measured in many ways: age, race, sex, economics, geography, religion, and philosophy, but also by diversity of human ideas, backgrounds, and life experiences. Equality and non-discrimination are core values a fundamental right of every person.”

Funds raised during the show will benefit local association Chances for Children, who look after the care and needs of 54 orphans in Uganda, the world’s third poorest nation.

The exhibition runs from 14th to 27th March at Espace 22 and doors are open from 10am to 1pm, then again from 3pm to 7pm.



Photo: Hope, by Michal Zaborowski