Monaco expertise at heart of Saudi Arabia’s luxe Amaala Yacht Club development

monaco amaala

The Yacht Club de Monaco and Monaco Marine Management have offered their knowledge, assistance and expertise to the new Amaala Yacht Club development in Saudi Arabia.  

After a series of meetings between Monaco and Saudi representatives, the two highly sought-after coastal nations have a new project: the futuristic Amaala Yacht Club in the Triple Bay Marina.   


Monaco Marine Management (M3) and the Yacht Club de Monaco (MYC) are now set to lend their knowledge and expertise in running and operating a high-end marina and club to Saudi Arabia’s futuristic yacht club, the Amaala.  

M3 has been enlisted to help run the club, whilst the MYC has been entrusted to start a sailing school, create events and assist with training and recruitment. This comes after the MYC signed a deal in August with Amaala’s regulatory body to be give permission to host events in Saudi.  


The 7,900m2 club, designed by architecture firm HSK, is four storeys of pure luxury and graceful beauty.  

“Set within the Triple Bay Marina of the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Nature Reserve, Amaala’s new Yacht Club is a keystone development with a captivating free-flowing structure that aims to create a one-of-a-kind meeting point between land and sea,” reads the club’s website. 


Monaco’s strong sustainability credentials also attracted the eye of Amaala CEO John Pagano, who says, “We anticipate that Amaala will become an international hub for luxury yachting, and as such, the Yacht Club required a world-class design, influenced by the surrounding natural elements and Arabic heritage, and underpinned by our commitment to sustainability.” 

This is part of a bigger picture plan by the Crown Prince, who formed the Saudi Green Initiative as a way of promoting environmentalism and green energy, thus changing the image of Saudi Arabia as nothing more than one of the world’s biggest oil exporting nations to that of a forward-thinking destination.  


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Photo source: Amaala Yacht Club