Monaco explores eco-real estate tech system

Monaco will benefit from a ‘Real Estate Tech Innovation Program’ that is being developed in partnership with the ESCP Europe Business School in Paris. Prince Albert discussed the research program during a visit to the school last week, where he was also given an Honorary Doctorate Award for his environmental commitments.

On Tuesday 24th November, the Prince was taken on a tour of the campus, which is this year celebrating its bicentennial. He participated in the ‘Stand up for a sustainable world’ conference, challenging a crowd of students to seize the issue of sustainability and consider an environmental paradigm in their future careers to help build a more sustainable world.

“You who will soon have the power to engage, lead and guide companies and people … You must be aware of the issues shaping our world and our future. You need to understand how climate and biodiversity are decisive and essential factors in our common future,” said the Sovereign Prince.

After answering questions from students, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco received the Honorary Doctorate Award from ESCP Europe Business School in recognition of his commitment to sustainable development and for his action through his foundation.

In his thanks, Prince Albert also addressed the new strategic collaboration between his government and ESCP Europe. The ‘Real Estate Tech Innovation Program’ will allow joint research on the impact of technology applied to real estate, will offer the public and private sectors of Monaco an opportunity to benefit from this research, and will facilitate the creation of an eco-real estate tech system in the Principality.

“Real estate is a strategic issue for the Principality of Monaco in being… a centre of excellence,” said the Prince. “To support the development of this sector, and to encourage it to engage in a more sustainable and more modern approach: these are the challenges that we have decided to take up together.”