Monaco Foundry partners with Olam Ventures

Monaco Foundry, an impact focused global startup incubator in Monaco and brain trust of leaders and industry experts, has partnered with Olam Ventures, the first global incubator for student entrepreneurs.

With over 80 student entrepreneurs to date and plans to inspire hundreds of next generation entrepreneurs every year, Olam Ventures brings together talented students and industry experts from all around the world to create innovative startups.

Like Monaco Foundary, Olam Ventures aims to increase the success rate for early-stage companies with founders who demonstrate generosity of spirit and with sustainable innovations that can positively impact the lives of people and the planet.

According to a statement released by Monaco Foundary, the plan is to build the largest startup ecosystem with hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs where they can connect with the right stakeholders seamlessly. “Monaco Foundry is excited to support and assist Olam’s great initiative to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs,” reads the statement. “With more than 300 million startups being created annually and only 0.05% receiving venture capital backing, Olam is excited about Monaco Foundry’s vision to de-risk and democratise (potentially tokenized) shares and offer access to this eco system to their global community of student entrepreneurs.

“Olam sees huge value in offering this partnership and the capabilities it will generate to their student entrepreneurs. This partnership alone will impact the potential increase of the GDP of local economies and increase the success rate of innovative startups which the world needs.”

With access to Monaco Foundary’s pool of entrepreneurs and partners on hand to advise the student entrepreneurs, Olam Ventures will also help the company maximize the value of their program through social media posts and mentions during a workshop/conference.

Monaco Foundry has a strong track record of incubating and accelerating startups which they systematically de-risk and develop for investors through a proprietary accreditation process. Startups are verified, vetted for value creation and validated through this process created by the Monaco Foundry’s team of serial entrepreneurs, former senior government advisers and Fortune 500 executives. Unlike traditional VCs, the Monaco Foundry process is designed to assist a wider array of founders to achieve success including women and people from diverse backgrounds. 61% of Monaco Foundry’s startups are led by women.




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