Monaco, France and Italy discuss the future of marine protection cooperation at 55th RAMOGE meet


Delegates from the tri-country RAMOGE organisation met with new director Laurent Stefanini to discuss the achievements of the past two years and future projects. 

RAMOGE, the intergovernmental cooperation agreement between France, Italy and Monaco for the preservation of the marine environment that has its headquarters in the Principality, met for its 55th meeting on 2nd February.  

The meeting, chaired by Isabelle Rosabrunetto, took stock of the progress made in the 2021 and 2022 years after being able to fully relaunch their programmes following the Covid pandemic.  

These included: a research exploratory mission of deep coastal zones using a boat offered by the Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale (ISPRA), which collected environmental data to help improve conservation efforts in the area; the organisation of a RAMOGEPOL anti-pollution operation in Italy’s Imperia region that also saw the inaugural voyage of the Princess Gabriella, a craft belonging to the Monegasque Maritime and Airport Police Division; and a meeting of prosecutors from the three countries to discuss judicial cooperation in terms of clamping down on major polluters.   

Another high-profile highlight was the roaring success of the RAMOGE Man and the Sea photo competition. Participation was high, with more than 3,300 snaps received from almost 600 photographers of 65 nationalities. The winning photographs are currently on display, until 28th February, on the gates of the Jardin Saint Martin in Monaco. 

The meeting also set the agenda for 2023 and 2024, which will see a working committee dedicated to limiting impact by cruise ships and superyachts created, a report and video awareness campaigns for students and the public launched, and the organisation of a special conference on the protection of local flora and fauna, which will be held on 24th March during Monaco Ocean Week at the Oceanographic Museum.  

Finally, Isabelle Rosabrunetto handed over the reigns of Director General to Laurent Stefanini, who is also the French ambassador to Monaco. Pierre Bouchet from the Monegasque delegation took over the Presidency of the Technical Committee role, succeeding Tiziana Chieruzzi from the Italian representatives.  


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Photo credit: M. Dagnino