Monaco Grand Prix: Max Verstappen fields questions from his youngest fans

Despite the torrential rain and threatening thunderclouds, hundreds of fans turned out to see their idol, Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen, on stage at the Monaco Grand Prix Fan Zone, including many young children, who had plenty of questions for the leader of the 2024 Drivers’ Standings.  

During the afternoon of Thursday 23rd May, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen took time out of his busy schedule to make an appearance Monaco Grand Prix Fan Zone on its first day of events.  

Among those who turned out to see him were dozens of young children. They were given pride of place alongside the main stage, safely shielded from the crowds by security in a special zone earmarked just for them.  

Upon arriving, the 26-year-old Dutchman headed straight for the Red Bull simulators to set a race time for the public to try and beat over the course of the weekend. He crossed the finish in a time of around 1.11.40. 

He later joked on stage, “I’m not very good at the game.” 

Max Verstappen completed several laps of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit on the Red Bull simulators. Photo by Monaco Life

With their raincoats on and parents hovering above with umbrellas, the children then got a front seat view of the leading driver in the 2024 World Championship as he fielded questions submitted by them earlier in the day.  

One of the first questions posed was about his first ever road car – a Renault Clio RS. The 26-year-old laughed as he explained how he had received the car as a gift when he was 17, but was unable to legally drive it for much of the first year he had the car as he was still a minor and didn’t yet have his driving licence. 

He was also quizzed on his biggest source of support and inspiration, and he made it clear how important his parents have been to him and his success over the years.

“I was surrounded by my family,” he said on stage. “When I came home, we talked a lot about racing… My father supported me a lot, financially but also in terms of sports. He was my mechanic but also my engine tuner. We basically did everything together… [He was] my taxi driver getting to Italy (for Toro Rosso). For sure, I have a lot to thank him for.” 

He added, “My mom also helped me… She understood exactly what needed to be done… My parents are divorced and normally you live with your mother, but I lived with my father. Not that it was a problem for me, but my mother didn’t see me a lot because of that, and yeah, we were travelling a lot all over Europe to try to reach F1. She understood that, and I think it helped a lot that she was a racer herself.” 

Verstappen went on to say that, despite all of the experience he had accumulated over the years and his many races and wins, his mother is still nervous when it comes to Race Day.” 

“Every weekend that I race, I know she [goes] to church to light a candle” he shared with the crowd.  

He later signed autographs for the children watching on before heading off to continue his preparations for the 81st Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday 26th May.  

To see more of Max Verstappen in the Fan Zone, watch the Monaco Life Instagram reel below:



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Photos by Monaco Life