Monaco hosts 2018 FIA GT Championship World Finals

FIA GT championship 2018

The Monte Carlo Bay hotel played host, this weekend, to the inaugural FIA-certified Gran Turismo Championship 2018 World Finals in Monaco.

FIA GT championship 2018

Top drivers who have risen through incredibly competitive races in the Asia/Oceania, Europe/Middle East/Africa, and the Americas Regions gathered in Monaco to find out who was the best in the world for the Nations Cup and the Manufacturer Series championships.

The Nations Cup is a competition where drivers representing their countries battle it out. 30 drivers who rose through the competition in the three regional finals took to the track to represent their countries’ pride.

The Manufacturer Series is a competition where drivers representing auto manufacturers race to determine the best make. Three drivers for each of the top 16 manufacturers and brands, based on the Online Season results, met together for a total of 48 drivers competing on a team battle endurance race.

The overall winner was Brazilian competitor Igor Fraga, who started the final race in tenth position but made his way up to first on a smart tyre strategy and some strong racing.