Monaco ice rink hosts spectacular Christmas gala

The open-air ice rink at the Stade Nautique Rainier III in Monaco, was the scene of a captivating display on Saturday, whilst the rink remains open for public use over the Christmas period.
After last year’s spectacle on ice was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, fans, both young and old, arrived en masse to view this year’s instalment. They were not disappointed, as attendees were treated to an incredible exhibition of ice skating from none other than Father Christmas himself.
As an open-air ice rink, fans also had the opportunity to witness an awe-inspiring acrobatic display, with elements of circus acts also incorporated into the festive show. This was facilitated by the unique, open-air nature of the rink, with such spectacles not possible in more traditional, covered ice rinks.

Photo: Mairie de Monaco

The public will be able to take to the ice themselves over the Christmas period, with the rink remaining open all the way through to the new year. As well as being a fun festive activity, with friends or with family, skaters also get the unique opportunity to skate right in the heart of the city, with beautiful views of the Prince’s Palace, the port and the mountains.
With the Winter Olympics in Beijing just around the corner, a new generation of skaters can be inspired to take to the ice and hone their skills in this unique breathtaking environment. With the rink remaining open until the beginning of March, anyone and everyone will have the chance to benefit from this experience.
Photo by Luke Entwistle, Monaco Life