Monaco International Investment Forum: 300 VIP investors and entrepreneurs convene at Yacht Club

The Monaco International Investment Forum’s 2024 event was a day filled with conferences on the hottest business-related topics of the day, from AI and business ethics to microfinancing and last-stage investment. 

Formerly the Monaco et Suisse Investment Forum, the Monaco International Investment Forum (MIIF) broadened its audience at this most recent edition of the event, which was held on 15th March at the Yacht Club de Monaco. 

In all, 300 handpicked guests from the worlds of finance, investment and entrepreneurship, including Monaco Life Publisher Eric Brundage, were given the chance to participate in a range of business-relevant conferences on the current state of the investment sector as well as on future trends.  

Before the main event, the invite-only crowd was invited to a cocktail party at the Wine Palace on the evening of 14th March, an occasion that gave the exclusive group an opportunity to network in a relaxed setting before getting down business for the following day.  

The MIIF began with inspiring welcome speeches from Raffaello Cairoli and Trudy Berger, the director and brand manager of the MIIF, respectively, and Margherita Colombo-Pastorelli, Business Development Manager at the Monaco Economic Board (MEB).

“Every year we raise the bar, every year we implement features and make adjustments, however, I believe this year has been the year of the biggest changes,” shared Cairoli post-event. “First of all, we selected valuable projects and companies that could be interesting for an increasingly international audience, and secondly, thanks to our partners, we made a real difference by going fully digital with the internal platform and Virtual Business Cards. I’m enthusiastic about this first edition as the Monaco International Investment Forum and I’m thrilled to see the MIIF’s development and growth from such strong foundations.” 

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Following the working sessions, attendees were invited to a Pilates session in the Larvotto neighborhood with Evelyn Mardin, the 2018 Women’s Olympic Weightlifting World Champion turned personal trainer and sports nutrition advisor, to unwind and rebalance. 

Among the contributing businesses and startups at this year’s event were: Auxasphere, Giano Capital, Woodville Litigation Funding, Ethimedix, Mikro Kapital, DIGI Mind Sphere, KeeSystem, Christian Dominici Spa, eH2P, YACHTNEEDS, Coraliotech, Aurum Global Partners, Sotheby’s International Realty Dubai, Gami Capital, MKNL Technology Ltd, Cape Wellness, Armeanca Prest Com and Havguard. 

Monaco Life is proud to have been among the partners of the 2024 edition, along with the MEB, Monaco Tech, Cairoli Monaco Luxury Services, Brand Therapy, Reshape MC Design, VBC Virtual Business Card, Solid Rusk Production, Gold Ventures Investment, Theta and Atlas Investment. 


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Photo courtesy of Monaco International Investment Forum