Monaco Jazz Fest is back

Who doesn’t love a cold drink on a cool beach with some hot jazz? With 25 artists performing over a span of three months, the Monaco Jazz Festival is a must-see event for music lovers.

MEY FEAT JCAT will be performing at the jazz festival

Since 2011, the event has been increasingly popular for jazz, soul and funk enthusiasts who love the music, but hate the massive crowds of the bigger festivals that dot the Riviera coast in summer. 

The brainchild of the Monaco Jazz Festival is La Note Bleue’s owner Alain Tanzi, whose father was a musician and avid jazz devotee himself.

 With live acts playing four nights a week, every Wednesday through Saturday from June until the end of August, it’s possible to enjoy music all summer long, and as the venue is conveniently located on Larvotto, patrons can avoid the hassle of driving, parking and crowds, while getting all the benefits of a fantastic night out.



27: Manu Carré ‘As Cores do Brasil’

28-29: Mey feat JCAT



3-4: Pierre Bertrand ‘Colours’

5: Scott Allen

6: Rossi/Taschini Project

10-11: LNB Connexion feat Bastien, Picot & Guillaume

12-13: Stéphane Huchard ‘Cultisongs trio’ feat Noé Huchard

17-18: 30 / 70

19-20: Charlier / Sourisse / Winsberg ‘Tales from Michael’

24-25: Frédéric Viale trio

26: Scott Allen

27: Dona Flor

31: KS2 Agulhon / Hanriot feat Benjamin Petit



1: KS2 Agulhon / Hanriot feat Benjamin Petit

2-3: Federico Malaman ‘Malaman band’

7-8: Ceccarelli / Pieranunzi / Fonnesbaek ‘Eurostars’

9-10: Nicolas Filmer ‘So Miles’

14 : Alain Tanzi ‘Best Of’

15-17: Mike Stern feat Hadrien Féraud, Nicolas Viccaro & Stéphane Guillaume

21-22: André Ceccarelli / Sylvain / Luc / Thomas Bramerie

23-24: Nicolas Viccaro ‘Invitation’

28: Yana ‘Dime On’

29-31: Etienne Mbappé & the Prophets