Monaco joins European Waste Reduction Week

Reduce, reuse and recycle. This is the aim of European Waste Reduction Week, a multi-national event taking place next month, and one that the Principality is enthusiastically joining in on.

The event takes place from 16th to 24th November and is themed ‘Education and communication for waste reduction’. The focus of the week is to encourage awareness and to promote actions that result in the sustainable management of resources and waste throughout Europe.

To this effect, the Directorate of the Environment has signed a charter agreeing that Monaco will do its part to accomplish the goals set out.  

The public and private sectors are encouraged to come up with solutions of their own supporting the message. This can easily be done by lessening the amount of waste used in daily life, changing consumption habits and reminding friends and family to do the same.  

Those wishing to learn more, be kept abreast of organisational meetings, and to be a part of solution can contact:

Cyrielle Dumas at the Directorate of the Environment on +377 98 98 83 41 or Louise Svensson at Stars ‘n Bars on +377 97 97 95 95.

Additionally, a Facebook page will be set up that allows users to note their personal victories and endeavours, as well as to see what other people are doing. The link can be found at: 

A full list of meetings and proposed actions will soon be available.