Monaco joins in International Day of the Girl

Vibeke Brask-Thomsen - SheCanHeCan

On 11 October, the International Day of the Girl, #Girl2Leader campaign events will welcome over 1,500 girls in events taking place in Albania, Bolivia, Canada, Guinea, Ireland, Kenya, Liberia, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, Poland, Romania, Rwanda, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the USA.

In Monaco, Ms. Nathalie Amoratti-Blanc, MP and President of the Women and Family Commission in the Conseil National, will host 16 girls as a part of a global campaign, taking place on five continents and aimed to encouraging teenage girls to consider a future in leadership.

This campaign represents a special opportunity for girls to hear inspiring personal stories from women politicians, to learn how they got involved in politics and to have the chance to ask them questions. The Monaco-based non-profit organization She Can He Can is a proud partner in this initiative and will speak about its activities on promoting girls’ leadership.

Vibeke Brask-Thomsen - SheCanHeCan
Vibeke Brask-Thomsen (Director SheCanHeCan). Pic: Pat Denton

The event will also be attended by M. Stephane Valeri, President of the Conseil National, Ms. Isabelle Bonnal, Director of the Department of Youth, Education and Sports, M. Marc Mourou, President of the Education and Youth Commission in the Conseil National and several female MPs. The students will have the chance to meet and discuss with the participating MPs.

#Girl2Leader is a global initiative which aims to empower girls from all over the world, encouraging them to consider leadership roles in their communities and to get involved in politics by connecting them with female politicians. To mark the International Day of the Girl, the Conseil National will be lit in purple on the evening of 11 October.

National partners include Women for Election, National Democracy Institute, International Republican Institute, House Democracy Partnership, Running Start, G(irls)20, Albanian National Youth Network, She Can He Can, and Luton Lights.