Monaco joins UN World Wildlife Day

Forests is the theme of this year’s World Wildlife Day on Wednesday and everyone is encouraged to do their bit by sharing important information about forest preservation through social networks.
World Wildlife Day is celebrated on 3rd March and this year’s theme is ‘Forests and livelihoods – Preserving the planet and its inhabitants’.
Around 350 million people worldwide live in or near forests and close to 1.6 billion depend on them either directly or indirectly.
Forests are biodiversity refuges for 80% of known terrestrial species, they provide essential resources to populations – both food and medicinal, and serve as the lungs of the planet by absorbing a major part of the CO² emitted.
Experts warn that forest ecosystems are threatened and their disappearance will accelerate the process of global warming and the loss of biodiversity with consequences for all humanity.
“It is important that everyone becomes aware of this situation and works on their choices and actions so as not to harm forests, in particular by choosing wood or wood-derived products from sustainably managed forests,” said the Prince’s Government, inviting citizens to celebrate this day by sharing important information via social networks.
A virtual event will take place on YouTube on Wednesday 3rd March at 2pm (CET). The main hashtags related to the 2021 edition of World Wildlife Day are: #DoOneThingToday #WWD2021 and #WorldWildlifeDay
In addition to being part of the United Nations calendar, World Wildlife Day also forms part of the Sustainable Development Goals number one: No poverty, number two: Zero hunger, number 12: Responsible consumption and production, number 13: Climate action, and number 15: Life on land.
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