Monaco launches campaign for responsible use of Monaco ON charging stations

‘Sharing is caring’ is the name of a new awareness campaign hosted by F1 Champion Lucas di Grassi that is designed to increase the proper usage of Monaco’s electric charging stations.

Thanks to the very nature of Monaco, electric vehicles are expected to represent nearly 20% of all registered vehicles in the Principality by the end of 2023.

As a result, the Monaco Government is continuing to expand its Monaco ON network, which has been available for nearly three years.

The Monaco ON recharging stations, which are positioned in the Principality’s public car parks as well as on the roads, are being made more powerful with faster charging capacities. The aim is to make charging even more efficient, accessible and available to as many people as possible.

But not everyone is using the charging stations effectively or responsibly. So, on Wednesday 31st May, the government began broadcasting an awareness campaign featuring Lucas di Grassi, the 2016/2017 Formula E World Champion and a Monegasque resident.

‘Sharing is caring’

In the three-minute video, Lucas takes viewers through the process of using the electric charging stations, noting that drivers have a maximum amount of time to leave their cars in the designated spaces, as well as demonstrating the different types of charging stations available and battery requirements.

“Through this video, the Government aims to empower the user for better charging sharing,” it said in a public statement. “The use of these terminals must be accompanied by a respectful attitude, which consists in particular of leaving the space once the battery is sufficiently recharged and avoiding what are commonly called ‘vacuum cars’. The objective of a better turnover rate on the terminals must be pursued with the support of all.”

A guide to using the Monaco ON charging stations can be found on the government website here and soon in the form of QR Code to be scanned directly from the terminals.

Meanwhile, the Your Monaco app allows users to check the availability map of terminals (car parks and roads) in real time, save their favourite terminal on the home screen and choose between the different types of sockets (according to the kW required).

Monaco boasts around 300 charging terminals in 17 public car parks and on the road.

To watch the video, click here.


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Photo by Monaco Life