Monaco launches digital job portal for youth

The government is helping to improve employment access for the Principality’s youth, unveiling a new website to be used by both job seekers and companies looking for staff.

The youth are the future. It’s the age-old adage that holds true for every generation in every era in history, and in the Principality, the welfare of the young people is taken very seriously.

As such, the government’s Youth Employment Unit under the Employment Services is launching a new website “entirely dedicated to the professional integration of young people in the Principality” with the support of the Department of Social Affairs and Health and the Interministerial Delegation in charge of the Digital Transition.

The new website is said to be easy to access and use. According to the government, it is a practical tool that centralises information and offers solutions to young people seeking employment, whilst allowing them to discover and familiarise themselves with the different sectors of activity, trades and training available to them as potential career paths.

The site also offers employers practical information on the various schemes and aids that make it advantageous for them to recruit young people. A virtual space is dedicated to each registered company, allowing it to gain visibility, but also to promote its activities and values, as well as to let young people know about any work-study program or internship.

“With this new digital tool, the Prince’s Government wishes to multiply initiatives aimed at guaranteeing the dynamics of youth employment in the Principality,” says Minister of Social Affairs and Health Christophe Robino. “It gives young people better visibility of Monegasque companies and employment opportunities while allowing companies to recruit the most suitable profiles.”

The website is part of a raft of new initiatives being put in place to boost the desirability factor of Monaco, which also include the relaunch of the Strategic Council for Attractiveness whose mission is to propose tools for planning and analysing the Principality’s economic, social and cultural vitality.

“This new portal for our young talents once again reflects the Prince’s Government’s desire to refocus on service to users by offering them easy and quick digital access to all information related to the world of work,” adds Frédéric Genta, Interministerial Delegate for Attractiveness and Digital Transition. “This generation represents the future of the Principality, and by offering them excellent service, our administration is making a major contribution to the attractiveness of the country.”

The website is now up and running and can be found at