Monaco launches more self-service libraries

The government is continuing with its plan to offer free libraries throughout the Principality with the installation of two new ones this week.

The Department of Urban Development (DAU) kicked off the programme in 2019 by setting up self-service book stations at the Jardin de l’âne in Fontvieille and the train station. They were closed for a while during Covid-19, but the service is back on track.

The government announced this week that more free book stations have been set up in the Square Gastaud in La Condamine and the Jardin du Trocadero in Place des Moulins.

Recognisable by their unique, circular wooden design created by architects Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente, founders of Studio Stereotank in New York, the concept was, with their permission, transformed by the DAU to adapt to the Principality.

The aim is to offer a second life to books, as well as CDs or DVDs, by depositing them in the library where everyone can borrow and reuse them and prevent them from being thrown away.

The public are encouraged to support the service by depositing books they no longer want.



Photo by Manuel Vitali, Government Communication Department