Monaco launches worldwide appeal for environment

The Principality of Monaco, along with 14 other countries, has launched an appeal  to the world to join forces and protect nature.

Monaco has stepped in and shown willingness to not only commit, but to act on behalf of the environment this past World Environment Day. On Friday, the Principality and 14 other nations, including France, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Mongolia, and the UAE, banded together to form an alliance whose aim is to protect the planet from further ecological destruction.

The group, called The High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People, is hoping to inspire countries to work at grassroots levels to ensure sustainability and stop further damage to the planet. 

This appeal highlights the close links between the pandemic and the loss of biodiversity, stating: “The rapid and devastating spread of Covid-19 is a tragedy whose consequences on people, economies and societies are monumental and which will last for years. This pandemic provides unprecedented and powerful proof that nature and man share the same destiny and are much more closely linked than most of us have realised.”

The primary goal is the preservation and restoration of biodiversity throughout the world. These undertakings signify “a crucial step to help prevent future pandemics and public health emergencies, and to lay the foundations for a sustainable global economy.”

The call to action is highly reliant on indigenous people to prioritise undamaged ecosystems and focus on the most important areas for biodiversity and climate. The resulting network of protected areas would represent a well-connected ecosystem chain and proliferate the diversity and richness of local species. 

All the governments of the world are therefore called upon to conserve “our precious intact ecosystems and our wilderness areas, to effectively preserve and manage at least 30% of our planet’s land and oceans by 2030″.

Photo: Pixabay