Monaco leading the way in eco-friendly boating

Two Monaco companies are pioneering the trend for eco-friendly watercraft using electric and solar powered propulsion that doesn’t skimp on performance whilst remaining good to the environment.
Two companies based in Monaco are offering boating experiences that are high on performance and low on pollution.
Lanéva Dayboats has created a fuel-independent day boat that is 100% electric with a virtually silent motor. The Lanéva Vesper runs on a lithium polymer battery that was formerly reserved for military operations, and two axial flow motors that have been used in the aviation sector and are 95% energy efficient.
The design is sleek and modern, making it not only sustainable but attractive. The boat has recently been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label following an assessment by external independent experts and based on a certain stringent criteria.

The Lanéva Vesper

The company estimates the cost savings over a 10-year period can reach €63,000 as the operating costs are 10 times lower and maintenance costs are four times less. The boat can be rented for €1,500 per day to give it spin.
Vesper became a part of the #1000solutions Challenge, an initiative by the Solar Impulse Foundation to select craft that meet only the highest standards in both profitability and sustainability and then to present them to decision-makers who fast-track their implementation.
Meanwhile, Monaco-based Yachting Partners International (YPI) also has an eco-friendly offering, but this time in the form of a charter boat. The company is now offering the 10-metre Vita X Electrix powerboat. The Electrix, built by Vita Yachts, is purportedly the world’s first fully electric, high-performance day charter out there.
The boat comfortably seats seven guests and boasts a large sun deck plus a cabin and is easy on the eyes as well as the environment.
“Adopting an eco-friendly approach to tourism is increasingly high on our clients’ agendas,” said Abdullah Nahar, Director at YPI. “Innovative uses of technology are opening up exciting new ways for the yachtingcommunity to embrace a more sustainable approach. The Vita X Electrix is an excellent example of thisinnovation in action and we are delighted to be able to offer this first fully electric day charter to our clients.”
The day rate is €1,875, and this includes the captain.
Top photo: Vita X Electrix by YPI