Thursday’s epic EuroLeague clash: AS Monaco vs Olympiakos

Get ready for a high-stakes EuroLeague showdown as AS Monaco and Olympiakos go head to head this Thursday in their quest for top 5 dominance.

In a matchup that promises to intensify the EuroLeague’s top-tier competition, AS Monaco, known as ‘La Roca Team’, is gearing up to host Greek giants Olympiakos at the Salle Gaston-Médecin court. With both teams boasting an identical record of 6 wins and 4 losses, Thursday night’s game isn’t just a battle for supremacy, but a chance to solidify a position in the top 5 standings.

AS Monaco Basketball Coach Sasa Obradovic, photo by Monaco Life

Monaco Life gathers key perspectives from AS Monaco ahead of the Olympiakos clash

Coach Sasa Obradovic of AS Monaco is aware of the challenges ahead. “This year is more competitive,” he told Monaco Life in a pre-game press conference on Wednesday, emphasising the importance of not repeating past mistakes. Reflecting on losses to Efes and Bologna, Obradovic knows that winning at home is imperative. “We are coming out of solid games…we know how important tomorrow’s game is,” he added, highlighting the team’s focus and preparation.

Donatas Motiejunas, a pivotal player for AS Monaco, is concentrating on the team’s growth and rhythm. “We try to do all things on a high level, not just one aspect,” he said to Monaco Life, acknowledging the significance of the home court advantage against Olympiakos. With an emphasis on the necessity of a win, Motiejunas is clear about the stakes: “This one will be crucial to win, especially on the home turf.”

Elie Kobo, photo by Monaco Life

Elie Okobo, another key player, shared his personal goals and the team’s mindset. “I want to bring all the energy I have for tomorrow, play solid and consistent and help my team win the game,” he said with determination to Monaco Life.

The big game takes place on Thursday 30th November at 7pm at Salle Gaston Medecine.

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Photo of Donatas Motiejunas by Monaco Life