Monaco makes waste recycling fun: a vibrant effort to educate and inspire

Monacollecte 2024 is turning recycling into a playful quest for young explorers, showing children that their actions can contribute to a cleaner planet.

To redefine waste management, Monaco has turned the necessary but often overlooked task of recycling into a captivating experience. With the staging of Monacollecte 2024 on 16th and 17th February, the Principality is showcasing its innovative approach to environmental education.

Engaging the youth with creative workshops and VR

The event’s strength lies in its focus on engaging the youth through a blend of education and entertainment.

Throughout the Friday, schoolchildren are offered workshop slots where they immerse themselves in activities centred around waste sorting, recycling, and repurposing. The initiative to captivate children is evident in the popular VR Recycling Workshop, where participants are transported to a virtual sorting centre. Children can also enjoy a touch-based tabletop game that introduces a competitive element to waste sorting, pushing players to accurately sort waste under time pressure, either individually or in teams.

the Virtual Reality game at Monacollecte is a hit. Photo by Monaco Life

The mobile escape game, designed by Trizzy and led by SMA’s Waste Prevention and Recycling Officers, is another engaging feature. It combines the thrill of escape room elements with lessons on sorting, waste reduction, and reuse. This game, requiring registration and available every hour from 10 am to 5pm, showcases an inventive approach to environmental education, blending fun with learning. Click here to register: Réservation escape game | MoreApp

Creativity at its core

One of the event’s creative highlights is the ‘Street Art Customisation’ workshop, where participants get to create their own custom and personalised tote bags or pouches. This workshop promotes creativity and teaches the event’s sustainability values through art.

Beyond games and workshops, Monacollecte 2024 acts as a platform for local charities and the collection of reusable items, and emphasising the importance of community involvement in sustainability efforts.

Monacollecte is happening from the 16th to 17th February at Quai Antoine 1er, from 10am to 7pm. For more information, click here: Monacollecte 2024 – February 16-17 (Quai Antoine Ier) (

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Main photo source: Mairie de Monaco