Monaco man tests positive for coronavirus

Monaco’s first case of Covid-19 has been confirmed. A man believed to be in his 20s is now being treated in Nice as authorities try to identify who the patient has been in contact with in recent days.
The man was taken into solitary confinement at the Princess Grace Hospital Center on Friday before being transferred to the Archet hospital in Nice after a test for coronavirus came back positive.
According to the Prince’s government, the patient’s state of health “is not cause for concern”.
A person who is linked to the patient has been put in self-quarantine in their home, “with treatment in accordance with the procedures adopted by the Principality of Monaco,” said the government.
An investigation has been initiated to track the movements of the patient during the past few days and to identify the people with whom he would have been in contact.
According to Minister of Social Affairs and Health Didier Gamerdinger, one to three people a day are being cared for by medical teams in Monaco on suspicion of having the coronavirus, while almost 120 calls have been made to the emergency number since it was set up. (+377.