Monaco Mayor Georges Marsan among five individuals facing corruption charges 

Georges Marsan, mayor of Monaco for 20 years, has reportedly been charged with corruption-related offenses along with four other individuals. Marsan says he is completely innocent of the charges. 

On Thursday 14th December, Monaco’s six-time mayor, Georges Marsan, was among six individuals from the Principality to be arrested and taken into police custody. Five are believed to have remained in police custody until Saturday 16th December, although Councillor Georges Gambarini was released without charge and immediately resumed his official duties.  

Marsan and the remaining four have since been charged with a number of corruption charges, the full details of which are yet to be publicly confirmed by the General Prosecutor of Monaco. 

However, in a statement released to the French language Monaco Matin, the authority revealed that a judicial investigation has been opened “on counts of active corruption against a national public official, passive corruption by a national public official, active influence peddling and passive ‘illegal taking of interest’ by a national public official and criminal association”. 

Excluding Gambarini, who is understood to have been cleared of all involved, the five accused have been placed under judicial supervision.  

“The investigations are continuing,” continues the statement, according to Monaco Matin. “As it stands, it is therefore not possible to disclose further information on the investigation.” 

The statement concludes by insisting that “the persons charged remain presumed innocent”.  

No official statement has been made by the Mairie de Monaco or the Prince’s Government regarding Marsan’s involvement and it is unclear whether he will return to office. It is likely that the conditions of the judicial supervision order will prevent him from entering Monaco City Hall or otherwise contacting colleagues.  

“I have never taken advantage of my position. I cannot wait for my innocence to be proven.”

On Saturday 16th December, Marsan released his own statement via his legal advisor Thomas Brezzo. It was published later that day by the Monaco Matin. 

“My actions have always been for the benefit of [Monaco’s] citizens, and has always been motivated by the general interest and standing of the Principality of Monaco,” reads the statement, according to Monaco Matin. “The procedures in City Hall are clear and respected. As Mayor, I remind you that I do not have the power to make decisions alone. These are taken by the Municipal Ccouncil. As for public procurement, it is supervised and controlled.” 

The statement reportedly continues, “I believe I am being subjected to abusive measures and real harassment. I confirm: I have never taken advantage of my position. I cannot wait for my innocence to be proven.” 


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Photo source: Jakub Żerdzicki, Unsplash