Monaco Nexus: a networking club for Monaco’s tech and business scene

Monaco Nexus, a members club founded by Thibault Paulet and Arnaud Pradier, is reshaping networking in Monaco, offering a platform for professionals in AI, tech, and business to connect free of charge.

Monaco Nexus, under Thibault Paulet’s leadership since transitioning from investment analyst to entrepreneur, has expanded from its 2018 cryptocurrency focus to encompass diverse tech and business subjects by September 2023. Paulet highlights, “We’ve made this group free…it’s a purely networking group.”

The Monaco Nexus initiative aims to position Monaco as a key hub for entrepreneurs in business and tech innovation. Hosting regular events with about 25 attendees and a community of 200 members, it provides a networking platform in a casual environment at the Novotel.

Igniting entrepreneurial spirit in Monaco

Thibault Paulet steers Monaco Nexus towards showcasing Monaco as a vibrant business hub. “Our aim is to reveal the business activities unfolding in Monaco, showcasing it as a place of real business opportunities,” he states, aiming to unite people and share insights.

Building on this vision, Paulet highlights Monaco’s emergence as an entrepreneurial hub, driven by its tech and digital expansion. “Monaco presents an array of compelling reasons to be considered entrepreneurial hub… it’s a blank slate for creative projects,” he states.

Future growth

Monaco Nexus aims for growth and formal status in Monaco, with Paulet noting, “We would like to get more guest speakers and also become something more institutionalised.”

In line with these aspirations, Monaco Nexus is also enriching its event line-up, with plans to feature a renowned digital marketer at an upcoming gathering. The events are scheduled for the second Friday of each month.

This initiative was evident in the success of the event on 9th February, where Marc Kaufman from Rimôn Law firm delivered a lecture on ‘Global Generative AI Patents’, marking his first presentation of this research. The successful session at the Novotel bar lounge featured networking and vibrant discussions on technology, law, and business, highlighting Monaco Nexus’s most acclaimed event to date.

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Photo of  Thibault Paulet (left) Thibault (left) and Arnaud Pradier, co-organizer and associate.