Monaco steps up lockdown

In his address to Monaco on Tuesday night, Prince Albert announced that the Principality has entered “a phase of virus lockdown” with the introduction of new containment measures starting at midnight, lasting “until further notice”.

Monaco’s Head of State thanked health workers for their service during the Covid-19 outbreak as well as the National Council and various authorities. However, to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, he said that the Principality would introduce new stricter measures as of Wednesday 18th March.

To outline exactly what those measures are, Minister of the Interior Patrice Cellario will give a live address on Wednesday 18th March at 10.30am, to be broadcast on the government’s Facebook page. You can access it by clicking here.

Monaco’s response to the Covid-19 health crisis is expected to be similar to France. French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday evening that measures unprecedented in peacetime were needed as the number of infected people doubled every three days and deaths spiralled higher. He told the French people they are only allowed outside their houses for essential trips, such as to buy food and medicines, for a period of two weeks.

An additional 100,000 police and army personnel were brought in to enforce the ban.

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Photo: Prince Albert addressing the citizens of Monaco on Tuesday evening