Monaco registered more marriages and divorces last year than in 2022

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In a tradition that dates back to registers taken in the 16th century, the Principality takes careful note of all the most significant events in the lives of its citizens and residents.  

Each year, Monaco City Hall releases a compilation of these figures, which track births, death, marriages and divorces, and the latest edition has just been published. 

The review has revealed that there were 804 births in Monaco during 2023 compared to 862 the year previously, while the Principality lost 258 of its residents last year. A further 280 deaths of people living in nearby French communes were also recorded in Monaco, taking the total to 538 deaths. Nearly 80% occurred in hospital, 10% happened in clinics and 1% took place in care homes.  

Marriages and divorces up in 2023 

During the course of 2023, Monaco celebrated 194 marriages. This was a slight increase on the figures recorded in 2022, which noted 191. There were two marriages where both parties were of Monegasque nationality, while 35 Monegasque men married women of a different nationality and 28 Monegasque women married foreign-born men.  

Compared to the 58 divorces noted in 2022, there were 64 registered last year in Monaco.  

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Photo source: Luigi Pozzoli, Unsplash