Monaco schools reinforce no bullying policy

Monaco’s government takes harassment very seriously and has made awareness a top priority in schools. To reiterate their commitment to combat bullying, all public and private schools were asked to participate in 2019’s ‘No Harassment Day’.

The event gave young people a forum to speak openly about bullying, how to react to it and how to prevent it. Workshops and talks were scheduled throughout the day and offered valuable insights to students whilst giving them an opportunity to work together on solutions.

At College Charles III, sixth and third year students worked in pairs on tablets playing an interactive game in Spanish called ‘Protect your image’ aimed at making clear what is and is not appropriate online comportment.

Additionally, the school hosted a choreographed multi-lingual show, backed up by a video presentation, using slogans created by the 6th graders, and a third exhibition, created with the help of the technology and visual arts departments entitled ‘Charter of Good Cyber Behaviours’ allowed children to better grasp the different forms of bullying, what constitutes harassment and offered ways to cope with the problem.

The government, through the efforts of the National Education, Youth and Sports Department, is alert and sensitive to this issue and works with the schools to prevent, detect and handle cases of bullying as they arise.


Photo: No Harassment Day / Communication Department- Manuel Vitali