Monaco squash club 50th

The Monte Carlo Squash Rackets Club (MCSRC) is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and it is celebrating by hosting three of the world’s top players to join in the games on Saturday 8th June. 

All club members are invited to join French number one player and 2015 world champion Grégory Gaultier, number one Swedish player Nicolas Mueller, and France’s number two player Grégoire Marche in a 40 minute gaming session. The opportunity for fans to not only meet, but to play with these professionals, is a once in a blue moon experience.

Spaces to play against the pros are limited, but even if not everyone gets the chance, there are other activities planned for the day. Petanque and beach volleyball courts will be set up, and later in day an exhibition is scheduled. That evening, a dinner at Lamparo Restaurant rounds out the excitement.

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