Monaco steps up “attractiveness” agenda

The Strategic Council for Attractiveness has been reinstated, spurred by the appointment of Frédéric Genta as Secretary General and with a goal of enticing new residents, investors, companies, employees and tourists to the Principality.

When the Strategic Council for Attractiveness (CSA) was created in 2011, its mission was to propose tools for future planning and analysing, and to hold educated discussions on Monaco’s economic and social models in order to make the country the best possible place for new people, businesses and investment.

Now, as the government gives new impetus to its policy of attractiveness, it has relaunched meetings of the CSA.

They will meet periodically, in plenary meetings or in thematic commissions, and will continue to join the many public and private entities that “represent the economic, social and cultural vitality of Monaco” contributing to the development of the attractiveness strategy.

On 23rd May, Minister of State and Chairman of CSA Pierre Dartout, alongside the newly appointed Secretary General of the CSA Frédéric Genta, reminded those present of the essential nature of attractiveness for the preservation of the good quality of life enjoyed in the Principality. At its heart, it puts forth the concerns of the government, residents, investors, companies, employees and tourists to make the most hospitable environment possible for all to flourish.

“Attractiveness is the basis and engine of our economy,” said Frédéric Genta in his first meeting as secretary general. “The CSA is a strong asset on which Monaco must rely to modernise and adapt to the post-Covid world, a world in which attracting residents, investors and businesses is essential.”

“Attractiveness is everyone’s business. Our ambition is to create a real dynamic in favour of attractiveness by bringing together all the ministerial departments and the entities concerned,” added Pierre Dartout.

Monaco’s assets are many, and the CSA wants to be ambitious in its pursuit of developing strategies that fit in with the world today, particularly when it comes to the digital transition and the environment.


Photo by Cassandra Tanti, Monaco Life