Monaco stockpiles masks

The Principality ordered some 11.5 million masks at the height of the crisis. Now those masks are being safely stored by the government for a rainy day.

After the shortage of protective masks worldwide brought on by the recent health crisis, the government of Monaco took action by ordering a vast surplus so that they would not be caught unaware if a repeat were to occur. It has been reported that there are currently upward of 10 million masks being held in stockpile at the barracks of the Carabinier du Prince.  

Nearly 900,000 masks have been distributed in recent weeks, the rest, a variety of FFP2, surgical and fabric, remain ready to go in the basement storage warehouse of the barracks.

This task is big enough to have warranted the assignment of two people to track the inventory.

“We also have all the serological tests, hydroalcoholic gels, overshoes, overcoats, pairs of protective glasses, gloves … It’s quite impressive,” notes the commander and chief of the Carabinieri Company, Gilles Convertini. 

With a “hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst” attitude, the residents of Monaco can rest assured that the government will be ready for anything that comes next.