Monaco streamlines residency process

As part of the Principality’s digital transformation, the government is now offering residents and those wishing to move to Monaco a new simplified online system to facilitate the residency process.

Back in June 2021, the government launched new procedures for people with residency permits. They benefitted by getting a digital identity as well as an electronic signature that allows them to take care of necessary governmental formalities, as well as getting easy connections to the websites of private partners such as SMEG and Monaco Telecom. Electronic signatures were also introduced, allowing residents to sign important documents legally online.

This initial phase has now been expanded and includes new online applications for people who would like to move to Monaco, residency permit renewal options, replacement permits for lost or stolen cards, and applications for certification of residency for administrative reasons. Online appointment booking has also been added for convenience.

These services are available 24/7 and can be used from a computer, phone or tablet on the website. Real time monitoring of requests is also available and text messaged notifications for those who need to make appointments with agents are part of the package.

“Making appointments online for procedures with the residents’ section is part of the modernisation process undertaken several years ago within the Public Security, which tends to improve reception and relations with users,” explained Divisional Commissioner Rémy Le Juste, Head of the Division of administrative police. “As part of a framework for simplifying and securing administrative procedures, this new digital tool will make it easy to choose the day and time of your appointment. Naturally, the residents’ section remains particularly attentive to ensuring that users can benefit from appropriate support and an appropriate response, so that the digital transformation can benefit all residents.”

Marine Rolando, Head of the e-Government Division at the Department of Digital Services, added, “Our wish is to save time for our residents, but also for the agents of the Department of Public Security because the processing will be more fluid and the delays reduced. Also, people who wish to settle in Monaco will have instant access to information and will be able to anticipate their request.”