Monaco takes zero tolerance approach to speedsters

Rev-heads beware. The Monaco government has issued a warning that any dangerous behaviour on the roads during the Historic and F1 grand prix, as well as the Top Marques car show, will result in instant vehicle confiscation for five days.

The next few weeks is all about fast cars in Monaco, with the Historic Grand Prix set to take place from 13th May, followed by the Monaco Grand Prix from 26th May and Top Marques from 8th June.

In addition to an influx of car lovers to the Principality, authorities are also anticipating some rule breakers who get caught up in the hype of the events.

“Very often unscheduled, these gatherings of sports cars give rise to the commission of traffic offenses and inappropriate and dangerous behavior,” said the government in a statement. “The will of the Prince’s Government is to curb the phenomena mentioned as much as possible, but also to fight more effectively against the perpetrators of occasional nuisances and thus preserve the peace and public safety of the residents of the Principality.”

Therefore, the government is increasing the length of time it will impound the cars of anyone violating traffic laws to five days, or 120 hours, throughout the duration of the three events.



Photo by Jannis Lucas on Unsplash