Monaco Telecom shows its support for PA2F

Monaco Telecom has given a donation to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, money that was raised from its commitment to reduce the use of paper in its organisation.

Martin Peronnet, General Manager of Monaco Telecom, recently gave Olivier Wenden, Vice President Managing Director of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, a donation from revenues gained from the dematerialisation of its customer invoices.

Each month, Monaco Telecom issues some 22,000 invoices, 85% of which are now sent electronically. It is a drastic reduction in their paper consumption in line with the company’s social and environmental responsibility policy adopted in recent years.

The amount donated to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation will help support projects related to the preservation of forests and the biodiversity they shelter.

Deforestation remains a major problem, which is still increasing in some parts of the world. Reducing paper consumption helps to combat this ecological threat but also to save water and energy resources.

Going even further in their commitment, Monaco Telecom management used the opportunity to sign the ‘Charter on Wood’, an initiative of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation alongside the Government of Monaco, MC2D and IMEDD.

The wood charter component of the initiative ‘Monaco commits itself against deforestation’, aims to educate Monegasque companies in the responsible use of wood products and wood derivatives found in their purchases or within the framework of their customers relations and suppliers. Nearly 60 Monegasque companies have already committed to the charter, the most successful are rewarded at an annual awards ceremony at the Hotel Métropole Monte-Carlo.