Monaco to bring forward spring break

The government has decided to join France in bringing the spring school holiday period forward by two weeks.
After consultation with schools, teachers, parents’ associations and the National Council, the government announced on Saturday that the spring break will begin the evening of Friday 9th April as opposed to the scheduled 22nd April. School will resume on 26th April.
It brings Monaco in line with the French education system with regards to the holiday, after an announcement by French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday.
However, unlike France, face-to-face classes will continue in Monaco for the week starting Tuesday 6th April.
The Association of Parents of Students (APEM) had argued against the move, saying it would be difficult for families who had already made plans for the holiday period.
“However, the objective of the government is to find a balance between the quality of education and the best possible health protection for students and staff,” it said in a statement. “The advancement of the holidays ensures both the quality of education and health safety in schools.”
Meanwhile, given the majority of teachers reside in France, the government anticipated severe staff reduction if they didn’t bring forward the holiday.
“It would strongly impact the regularity of courses taught and the necessary supervision to welcome students in the best possible health conditions,” it said. “In addition, the teaching teams consider that the advance of the school holidays as beneficial in the face of the state of fatigue of staff and students due to all the constraints that weigh on the daily functioning of schools.”
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash